We are constantly seeking for things that will provide us relief, a sense of clarity, to allow us to center ourselves, and find balance in everyday life. That requires us to feel connected and whole again in a world that is relentless.

The body and mind is meant to be grounded to the world around you for optimal performance, but our society has somehow drifted away from that.

Élan provides you with the tools you need to rekindle this connection.

We spent over a year finding a quality source of CBD

The amount of scams on the market are unbelievable. That's why Élan CBD is bringing you a product you can trust so you no longer have to waste money guessing if a company is lying to you about the contents of their product.

All of our products are 100% American-grown hemp from a beautiful farm in Oregon.

Élan CBD wants to bring change to a shady industry

Élan CBD is dedicated to bringing a high-quality CBD product to market.

We noticed a concerning amount of fake CBD products being pushed around and felt that a lot of consumers were being scammed.

It was crucial for us to take the time in sourcing a top-tier product so we can deliver you a supplement that works.

Élan CBD took an entire year to source their products from the best 100% American-grown hemp farm we could find, allowing us to deliver to our customers a broad-spectrum of essential cannabinoids to help fuel your endocannabinoid system.

Élan CBD prioritizes transparency. We've got nothing to hide, take a look.